Summer in Greece

Summer in Greece

The Peloponnese: A Haven for extended vacation

Crete: Live like a local, love it forever

Naxos: Where fun and festivals never end

Tinos: A Tranquil Cycladic Escape

If you are an explorer who loves delving into history and discovering new places, the Peloponnese is the ideal destination for you. Offering adventure at every turn, you will only be a short drive away from your dreamy locations. You can visit the beautiful Island of Elafonissos with its renowned beaches covered in the lightest white sand and swim in the crystal-clear blue sea. Or you can explore Monemvasia, a place that seamlessly combines the spirit of history with natural beauty into a truly unique experience. With an incredible variety of spectacles, the Peloponnese is recommended for extended vacations so that you can truly immerse yourself in the essence of Greek summer.

For travelers who crave the experience of living like a local, we highly recommend the ”wild west” of Greece – Crete. On the largest Greek Island, you will receive incomparable hospitality. Tasteful local cuisine and friendly people blend into the unique charm that makes tourists choose Crete as their favorite annual summer destination. You can visit a resort or rent a small village house and enjoy your time among the locals. Crete will make you feel at home.

A perfect choice for the whole family and more. Discover the largest and greenest island in the Cyclades, where sugar-cube houses, enchanting traditional villages, and a warm family-friendly atmosphere await. Let the flavors of its rich gastronomic heritage transport you through centuries of culture. However, if you are the type of person who loves attending authentic village festivals, Naxos is the ultimate destination for you. Here, you can experience a different festival almost every night, thoughtfully organized by local municipalities. Be prepared for enchanting Greek dancing, tempting food stalls, and an electrifying party atmosphere that is sure to make your nights in Naxos truly memorable.

For those seeking a relaxing experience in Cyclades, Tinos is their haven. Only a short journey away from Mykonos, this little island offers taste and beauty, avoiding the crowds of its famous neighbor. Conveniently connected to Athens’ ports by ferry, Tinos is emerging as a gastronomic destination. With sunsets that can rival Santorini’s breathtaking views and charming whitewashed homes perched on cliff edges, Tinos is an idyllic getaway for those seeking postcard-worthy moments.