Autumn in Greece

Autumn in Greece

Santorini: A golden opportunity

Athens: A Travel through centuries

Macedonia: History and Wine

Nafplio: A picturesque escape

The iconic island and an idyllic destination. With summer crowds receding, autumn emerges as the perfect time to explore this breathtaking location. Renowned for the world’s most mesmerizing sunsets, exceptional wines, delectable cuisine, and opportunities for hiking and sailing, the time is ripe to secure your journey to this paradise.

An ideal city break for history enthusiasts. As temperatures become more moderate compared to the scorching summer months, Athens beckons as the perfect destination for those with a passion for history. Embark on a journey through countless museums, archaeological sites, and ancient ruins adorning every corner. Experience the bustling metropolis, brimming with life, which has proudly stood here since antiquity. In Athens, you’ll find a city that truly embodies the spirit of ‘the city that never sleeps,’ as both Greeks and Athens itself infuse vibrant energy into every moment.

An enduring jewel of the Hellenic heritage, enriched with a storied past. The birthplace of Alexander the Great and renowned for some of Greece’s finest wine regions, Macedonia stands as an integral part of the Hellenic world, its legacy reaching back through time. This land is a treasure trove of both religious and historical significance, with pristine hiking routes that invite exploration and discovery.

Explore Nafplio , a resting beauty just two hours from Athens. As the former capital, it boasts an enchanting blend of neoclassical architecture and boutique hotels, making it the perfect coastal haven for relaxing by the calm blue sea. Nestled in its historical charm, Nafplio welcomes you to explore its captivating ambiance.